FastEat | Take More Online Orders | Save thousands in High Commisions!
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FastEat offer takeaways like yours a genuine alternative to high online ordering commissions!

We can help you take back control of YOUR Business, YOUR customers and YOUR profits!

Why Your Business Needs FastEat

Everything you need for successful Online Ordering and Much More

Simplified Charges

We price our service at very low 10% commission, capped at £99. If you prefer a fixed rate for unlimited orders, we can do that for you at £49 per week. The choice is yours.

More profit for you.

FastEat will help to get you more orders with more profit. Gone are the days of huge weekly commission payments where “they” earn more than you!

No Locked In Contracts

We will work very hard to bring you regular orders and we are dedicated to making sure that you receive a great service, if you are not happy, we’ll not force you to stay

We support your growth.

FastEat provides valuable data and marketing support to help you develop your business and understand your customers in new, valuable ways.

Unique Marketing Support

FastEat are the UK’s leading specialist Takeaway marketing company. Building direct relationships with your customers to order more from your business is what we do. You will find working with us totally refreshing!

Great Customer Incentive Features

Looking after your regular customers is key to growing your business and maintaining your reputation. FastEat provides a great loyalty and rewards program as standard, to help you hold on to your loyal customers and place more orders.

Marketing & Data

Having a load of your customer data is great, but you also need to be able to use it! We setup and provide FREE SMS Messaging services to send regular promotions, discounts and reminders to your customers, and the best part, we do it ALL for you!

Our site is Easy to Use

Your customers will find FastEat very easy to use. With our Unique Meal Deal machine and multiple payment options such as Card, PayPal and Cash and instant SMS confirmations, it won’t be a difficult switch from what they are used to with other sites.

Customer reviews

You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

Things that are too good to be true generally aren’t, we are an exception to that rule!

Will FastEat work for me?

Most of our customers are fed up with paying the increasing commissions with their existing providers such as Just-Eat, if you are one of those, then FastEat work for you.

I've never heard of you?

You had never heard of Just-Eat until they came knocking on your door 🙂 We are a new company that has re-wrote the rules on ordering takeaway food online. For too long now you will have been giving away a big part of your profit on every order that comes in online. Its time to put a stop to that and fix the cost for the SAME service! Better for your pocket and your profit!

You already use Just-Eat for your online orders

Did you know that most of the orders that come through Hungry House or Just Eat would have come to you anyway, from your existing loyal customers? So what is the point of paying commissions over and over again for a sale you would have had anyway? Once we can get your existing customers to order from Fasteat, you will benefit from our low rate of 10% order fee where you will never pay more than £49 per week! Isn’t that a future worth considering?

Do you generate business for me?

We have the tools necessary to generate you business and work in partnership with you to make this happen. Unlike many other online systems out there who will give you the tools and then leave you to manage it yourself, we work with you and we also act as your in-house marketing team. To be effective, you need to help us as well by spreading the word about your menu on FastEat, as there is no point in having us if your customers are going to just keep ordering from Just-Eat.

Do I get an order printer?

Yes. This works the same as you are used to, when an order comes in, it beeps, you accept or reject, job done!

How do I get paid for order's received?

Easy, we pay you directly into your bank account on a Friday every week.

Are there any contracts or setup fees?

We have a low setup fee of £395 which is 100% refundable* We dont have any contracts, you can leave at any time, we just ask you would give us at least a weeks notice 🙂

*terms apply

How do I pay you?

We charge you a simple 10% fee on all orders received, this comes off the weekly remittance to you. If you get more than £1000 of orders in a week, we will cap the payment to us at £99 no matter how much more you get. With Just eat this would cost you in excess of £200!

Get In Touch

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