Get Paid to Shop and Deliver Groceries

Earn up to £25 per hour shopping for our customers and delivering in your own home town

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How it works

It’s nice and simple. Our customers place their order via the FastEat app, you get a notification in our driver app, telling you which store to collect the order from, and where to deliver to.
Once you've delivered your order you confirm this in our app and wait for the next one to be assigned to you.
You may be picking up a McDonalds or KFC order and then shopping at Aldi or Homebargains the next. 

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Shop and deliver things people love from the stores they trust.

Anyone can sign up to work for FastEat. It’s a simple process to apply, get approved, and start bringing people the things they love. 
Shoppers may work full-time, part-time, or even shop to stay busy after retirement.

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FastEat Shoppers build trust with customers

Shopping for groceries and bringing them to someone’s home is a job that requires a lot of trust. As a FastEat Shopper, you’re bringing someone the items they love and are important to them.
Sometimes you’re delivering fast food, restaurant meals, or even the weekly grocery shopping. When you work and deliver for FastEat, you’re delivering a little piece of our customers’ lives to them, and that’s definitely something to be proud of.

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Frequent Questions

We answer a few of the most important questions here

Easy, just fill in the form below and if we are recruiting in your area someone will be in touch to arrange a short telephone interview. Please ensure you complete the online application as thoroughly as you can and answer all questions correctly.

Ideally, yes. Our customers need to know when they can place orders daily, so we need drivers who can covers at least 4 hours per day, also this way you are giving yourself the best possibility of earning the most money.

Successful shoppers can communicate well, manage time efficiently, solve problems quickly, and make strategic decisions on the fly.

As an independent contractor making deliveries via the FastEat platform, you are paid for delivering food and groceries from our listed stores to our customers.

You earn money through your delivery/shopper fee which is based off distance/driving time and in the case of grocery shopping, the number of items. You will also be paid a set fee for fuel depending on number of hours online. This will all be explained further as part of onboarding. Unlike other services, FastEat does not take a commission on your fees - you keep 100% of the money you make.

We provide you with a FastEat contactless prepayment card. It is set only to be used at our restaurants and cannot be used for any other purchases. You use it as you would any other debit or credit card so no cash ever changes hands. Flash it at the checkout and you are good to go deliver!

You will be paid weekly for all deliveries carried out from midnight Sunday - midnight Sunday via BACS into your bank account. This will usually be paid to you on a Monday.

Happy Days! 100% of the tips are yours to keep.

As a self-employed delivery driver, you’re responsible for providing and maintaining your own equipment including: • A roadworthy car, registered and correctly insured. You’ll also need a full driving licence. • Something to wear ‒ while you can wear what you want, it’s very important you provide an excellent impression to customers and restaurants alike. We’d like you to dress neatly and not wear clothing which contain words/slogans which might offend. • Something compatible with our driver app ‒ either ‘iOS’ or ‘Android’ mobile phone, a charger so your battery doesn’t run flat and a data plan. • We will send you a pre-paid payment card • Before you commence deliveries, you will need a commercial-grade 12V heated takeaway food carry bag. FASTEAT can provide you one. We need to take an equipment deposit of £45. This will be returned on leaving the company and handing back the equipment in good working order.

As a self-employed driver, you are responsible for your own vehicle costs including fuel. We pay you a set fee per shift on top of any delivery fees.


Get The FastEat Driver App Now!

Our dispatch app uses GPS to assign drivers to the orders closest to them. This keeps your mileage down and ensures we provide a fast and reliable service.
With the live tracking of their order, customers know when to expect you and don’t need to chase the progress of their delivery, increasing the likelihood of our drivers receiving tips – of which you get to keep 100%!  You’ll need a reliable car, a smartphone with a decent data package and a friendly and professional disposition. If you have these, you’ll do great and we can teach you the rest.

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