Become a FastEat Delivery Driver

In the current Covid-19 crisis, Fasteat are delivering restaurant fast food and groceries to customers in your local area.
Become part of a rapidly expanding company and earn up to £20 per hour while providing much needed support to many people who may be self isolating.
Hours are available daily 7 days a week.

You’ll be:
  • Ready for immediate start
  • Available daily Mon-Fri and Saturdays if possible, some early evening work may be needed
  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Self-employed
  • Absolutely reliable and trustworthy
Who are we hiring?
  • Flexible drivers using their own vehicles (car or vans only)
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Uber and Deliveroo riders
  • Professional delivery drivers
You’ll need:
  • Your own reliable car or van. Sorry we don’t accept bikes or Scooters
  • Fully Insured
  • A smartphone and data plan to accept orders through our driver app (IOS and Android)
  • The right to work in the UK

Delivery Drivers FAQ

You will be accepting orders from our customers via the FastEat driver app, picking up the grocery requirements from local retailers such as Aldi and Tescos and delivering them to homes within a maximum 10-12 miles of the store.
Easy, just fill in the form below and if we are recruiting in your area someone will be in touch to arrange a short initial telephone interview. Please ensure you complete the online application as thoroughly as you can and answer all questions correctly.
Yes. Our customers need to know when they can place orders daily. We need drivers who can commit to full-time availability from 9-6, Mon-Sat. Half-day Sundays are available as well for you to earn extra cash.
Each delivery is paid between £6 and £12 depending on the distance.
All orders come directly through our FastEat driver app.
If you are logged in as available on the driver app, then this allows customers to place orders as our system knows that there is a driver to handle deliveries. If you subsequently don't accept an order after a certain time period, then the customer will be notified and their money refunded. This will obviously disappoint and may cause us to lose our customers, so if it happens regularly we may look to remove you from our network.
Delivery fees range from between £6 to £12 per order depending on the distance from the store to the customer. You can keep on eye on how much you are earning with your driver app which shows you all orders completed and how much you will be paid.
You will be paid weekly for all deliveries carried out from midnight Sunday - midnight Sunday via BACS into your bank account. This will usually be paid to you on a Monday.
Happy Days! 100% of the tips are yours to keep.
As a self-employed delivery driver, you’re responsible for providing and maintaining your own equipment including:

• A roadworthy car, registered and correctly insured. You’ll also need a full driving licence.

• Something to wear ‒ while you can wear what you want, it’s very important you provide an excellent impression to customers and restaurants alike. We’d like you to dress neatly and not wear clothing which contains words/slogans which might offend.

• Something compatible with our driver app ‒ either ‘iOS’ or ‘Android’ mobile phone, a charger so your battery doesn’t run flat and a data plan.

As a Self Employed delivery driver you are responsible for declaring all delivery earnings to the HMRC.
As a self-employed driver, you are responsible for your own vehicle costs including fuel. Each delivery fee paid to you already includes a £1 fuel allowance.
Contact your FastEat manager directly. We are always here to help.
Make a note of what you cannot get and let your manager know immediately via whats app, and we will refund the customer.
We expect our drivers to be accurate but sometimes mistakes happen. We will handle each error on a case by case basis but ultimately you are responsible for the orders.

Our Awesome Driver Dispatch App

Our dispatch app uses GPS to assign drivers to the orders closest to them. This keeps your mileage down and ensures we provide a fast and reliable service.

Once an order is placed and paid for by the customer, it is immediately “pushed” to the app. Once you accept the order, you make your way to the restaurant and pick up and pay for it using our company prepayment card. Customers are then able to track their order live on a map as you make your way right to their door.

With the live tracking of their order, customers know when to expect you and don’t need to chase the progress of their delivery, increasing the likelihood of our drivers receiving tips – of which you get to keep 100%!  You’ll need a reliable car, a smartphone with a decent data package and a friendly and professional disposition. If you have these, you’ll do great and we can teach you the rest.