Become a FastEat Delivery Driver

FastEat are always needing reliable drivers across the UK. Become part of a rapidly expanding company and earn up to £15 per hour.

Hours are available daily 7 days a week, and while our busiest periods are in the evenings and at weekends, we are highly flexible around a healthy work-life balance.

You’ll be:
  • Ready for immediate start
  • Available 4pm-9pm as a minimum 4 days per week plus Saturdays and Sundays
  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Self-employed and free to work to your own availability
  • Absolutely reliable and trustworthy
Who are we hiring?
  • Flexible drivers using their own vehicles (car or vans only)
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Uber and Deliveroo riders
  • Professional delivery drivers
You’ll need:
  • Your own reliable car or van. Sorry we don’t accept bikes or Scooters
  • Fully Insured
  • A smartphone and data plan to accept orders through our driver app (IOS and Android)
  • The right to work in the UK

Delivery Drivers FAQ

Easy, just fill in the form below and if we are recruiting in your area someone will be in touch to arrange a short initial telephone interview. Please ensure you complete the online application as thoroughly as you can and answer all questions correctly.
Simply, yes. Our customers need to know when they can place orders daily. We need you to be available at a bare minimum from 4-9pm daily at least 6 days per week and through the day on a weekend. This way you are giving yourself the best possibility of earning the most money.
It all depends on your area but some of our drivers are earning in excess of £120 per day. On average we expect you to earn £50-75 per day though.
All orders come directly through our FastEat driver app. If you are offered an area you will be directed to download as part of your onboarding process.
We provide you with a FastEat contactless prepayment card. It is set only to be used at our restaurants and cannot be used for any other purchases. You use it as you would any other debit or credit card so no cash ever changes hands. Flash it at the drive-thru and you are good to go!
If you are logged in as available on the driver app, then this allows customers to place orders as our system knows that there is a driver to handle deliveries. If you subsequently don't accept an order after a certain time period, then the customer will be notified and their money refunded. This will obviously disappoint and may cause us to lose our customers, so if it happens regularly we may look to remove you from our network.
Delivery fees range from between £2.99 to £7.99 per order depending on the distance from the restaurant to the customer. You can keep on eye on how much you are earning with your driver app which shows you all orders completed and how much you will be paid.
You will be paid weekly for all deliveries carried out from midnight Sunday - midnight Sunday via BACS into your bank account. This will usually be paid to you on a Monday.
Yes, we have a star rating system on our driver app. Each time a customer receives a delivery they can rate the driver. Drivers that have poor ratings or drivers we receive multiple complaints about will be removed from our network.
It is generally not feasible in a drive-thru situation to have to try to call the customer to ask about a replacement, so in this situation, you pick up the order without the item(s) and Immediately inform both your FastEat manager and the customer at the door that the item was unavailable that we will refund the value of the missing items back to their card within 48 hours.
Happy Days! 100% of the tips are yours to keep.
We require you to keep a record of each order using the Expend app. We will go through what is required at your onboarding session.
As a self-employed delivery driver, you’re responsible for providing and maintaining your own equipment including:

• A roadworthy car, registered and correctly insured. You’ll also need a full driving licence.

• Something to wear ‒ while you can wear what you want, it’s very important you provide an excellent impression to customers and restaurants alike. We’d like you to dress neatly and not wear clothing which contain words/slogans which might offend.

• Something compatible with our driver app ‒ either ‘iOS’ or ‘Android’ mobile phone, a charger so your battery doesn’t run flat and a data plan.

• We will send you a pre-paid payment card • Before you commence deliveries, you will need a commercial-grade takeaway food carry bag. FASTEAT can provide you one at a cost of £25.00. You can either pay upfront with the link below or we can take the cost from your first £25 of delivery earnings.

As a Self Employed delivery driver you are responsible for declaring all delivery earnings to the HMRC.
As a self-employed driver, you are responsible for your own vehicle costs including fuel. Each delivery fee paid to you already includes a £1 fuel allowance.
Fasteat carries out multiple social media campaigns when we launch in a new area but it can sometimes take a few weeks for the word to spread and for us to build up a regular repeat customer base. It also can depend on how often you are available to accept orders.
Contact your FastEat manager directly. We are always here to help.
It is law in the UK that if you are driving for hire or reward then you must have appropriate insuurance cover in place. Most private car policies wont have "goods in transit" cover specifically for food delivery so you will need to arrange this before driving with FastEat. We recommend https://www.insurancerevolution.co.uk/product/fast-food-delivery-driver-insurance/

Our Awesome Driver Dispatch App

Our dispatch app uses GPS to assign drivers to the orders closest to them. This keeps your mileage down and ensures we provide a fast and reliable service.

Once an order is placed and paid for by the customer, it is immediately “pushed” to the app. Once you accept the order, you make your way to the restaurant and pick up and pay for it using our company prepayment card. Customers are then able to track their order live on a map as you make your way right to their door.

With the live tracking of their order, customers know when to expect you and don’t need to chase the progress of their delivery, increasing the likelihood of our drivers receiving tips – of which you get to keep 100%!  You’ll need a reliable car, a smartphone with a decent data package and a friendly and professional disposition. If you have these, you’ll do great and we can teach you the rest.

How do I use the app?

When you sign up as a driver for FastEat we will provide you with a user name and password to login.

Once you have entered your login details it will go to your homepage and will tell you need to go online to get delivery requests, you do this by hitting the “Accept Job” and ” Go Online” buttons near the bottom of the screen. Once you have done this you are available to receive orders.


When an order comes in your phone will beep to tell you and you will be asked to accept or reject the order. It will also tell you where and who its for.

Once you have accepted the order it will show up in your available deliveries just below the map. Click that and the order will either be in the Pending or Active tab. (This is depending on whether you already have an existing order)

Just click on the order and it will bring up the order details page, this will tell you which restaurant, what the order is and who it is for.
At this point you drive to the restaurant and order the food exactly as on the screen. Once you have the food collected hit “Pickup Delivery” This will send a message to the customer that you have collected their food.

Next, hit “Start Delivery” This will send a message to the customer that you are on your way to drop it off.
There is also the option of hitting the arrow to the right of the “Start Delivery” button, this will open up Google Maps or Waze Maps and automatically route you to the customers address. Once you have reached, just flick back to the driver app.

Once you have arrived at the customers address, hit “Arrived at Customer” This will send a message to the customer that you have arrived and are outside. Once you have handed over the food, just hit “End Delivery” this will let us know that you have completed your order and are ready for the next one. Simple as that!